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My Best Friends

4:53 AM

When I was a little boy at summer camp, another little boy came up to me and want to play. “Be my best friend?” he asked and held out het hand. So Lukman and I shook on it and we became best friends

A few weeks later, a group of kids were playing outside, and I was walking up from behind because I’d gone to get a chocolate milk for Lukman. Lukman loved milk!

As I neared the group, I heard Lukman ask another boy “Be my best friend?” and another boy replied “I throught you were Fadli’s best friend!” Lukman said “yeah, but today I think he’s a dumb boy because he didn’t bring me chocolate milk so I want a new best friend.”

Well, there’s little six year old me, swearing I wouldn’t sad or yell at Lukman , Whom I believed to be my best friend.
So I ran away to the stream, throwing out the chocolate milk along the way. When I got there, a group of boys were killing tadpoles. I had a screaming fit at them stop and then ran to a favorite tree and cried my eyes out until past dark.

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