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There are many opinions relating to definition of transitive. They are as follows:

Moris and Devies (1981: 1364) define that the word ‘transitive’ is actually derived from Latin word “transitivus” that meaning passing over (as from the subject to the object). The word “transitive” is actually an adjective, expressing an action that is carried from the subject to the object; it requires a direct object to complete the meaning.

Coulson and Little (1959: 2231) also state that the “transitive” is derived from Latin word “transitivus” that meaning passing over, and of verbs expressing an action which passes over to an object; taking a direct to complete the sense.

Marekwan, et al (1967: 1334) similarly explain that the word “transitive” stems from Latin word ”transitivus” that meaning “transit”. Transitive is an adjective, that is having, requiring or terminating upon a direct object; it is also expressing an action performed by a subject or agent that passes over to take effect on some person or thing or its object.

Frank (1972: 49) points out that a transitive takes a direct object and only transitive may be used in the passive voice.
Faidlal (2007: 120) argues that transitive is words that need or require an object or complement to complete the meaning of the sentence.

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