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Language is a human communication tool to interact in daily life. In human life this communication tool plays an important role to express the idea, opinion, sharing experience, or to say what they want to do for something. So that human being will always try to improve their ability to speak. Language also can indicate personal identity.

Nowadays most of people try to master more than one language. They apply not only mother tongue but also a foreign language to interact to another one. There are many people think that master a foreign language is an important thing to help themselves moreover, they are entering to globalization era right now. Talking about foreign language, English is the one language that has been used in many countries in the world including Indonesia because this language is a communication tool to communicate in globalization era. So that English is recognized as the most important language either as a first language or as second language.
In Indonesia English language is the first foreign language learned by the students and common people. For the students, it has been taught from elementary school up to university level recently English has been taught at some kindergartens/play groups. To support the learners ability to use English well, therefore, English has been recommended as compulsory subject to the students in junior high school and senior high school up to university. This means that they have much time and large opportunity to study English even in university there is a special English department. Nevertheless they still find many problems to use English well. Therefore, they fell reluctant to speak English when they are joining in speaking activities, to write the sentence when they are joining in writing activities, to read the text when they take a participation in reading activities.

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