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  1. Download and install the latest BlackBerry Desktop Software.
  2. Enable Certificate Management in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager (Select Tools > Desktop options > check Use certificate synchronization > select OK).
  3. Connect the BlackBerry smartphone via USB and if prompted enter the smartphone password and Select OK.
  4. If prompted, select Get started with this device.
  5. Select don't add the account, then set any specific options and select Finish.
  6. Within the menu on the left, select Certificates.
  7. When prompted, type a key store password twice for confirmation and select OK.
     Remember this password for future use.
  8. Select Root and type Thawte within the search box.
  9. Locate and add a check mark beside the Thawte Primary Root CA certificate and select Sync Certificates.
  10.  Once completed, restart the BlackBerry smartphone.
  11.  After the smartphone has powered back on, ensure it is connected to Wi-Fi and open BlackBerry Messenger.

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