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So your Google AdSense account just got approved, what to do now? First thing is first, set up a website. Do not set up a site about making money online. This is just a huge waste of time and space on the internet; no one listens to a newbie anyway. You can get to the how to make money online website you want to create later on.

It is impossible to tell people ways to generate money online if you have yet to even make any good money online. People know this and are aware of the fact you have no online reputation so you have made no money online. You really do not want to start your online money making venture.

You have to start as a beginner then move on to a novice then after enough time and knowledge you will become an expert. I just warn you again if you attempt to start as an expert you most likely will just end up quitting. So just start small, lower your expectations, and learn. When you get enough knowledge you will see your income start to rise. You will find earning with AdSense is just like a job. You start out, you plug away at it everyday, and as you learn you earn. However with AdSense the sky is the limit in terms of earnings, so just take your time and the money will flow. So good luck and God bless and heed these words and you will find much success with Google Adsense

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