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Language has a very important role in expressing ideas, thought, experience, feeling, and desires; it is a mean of understanding ourselves, our society, and resolving some of the problem and tensions that arise from human interaction.
Language can be used into a feeling of togetherness, but it can also distinguish us from others. The varieties of Language and dialects in the word express a multiplicity of the word views, literatures and ways of life or culture of man.
In the modern word, English language plays an important role for all kinds of interaction, either in social interaction, technology, politics, economic, and cultural education field.
In Indonesia; English is taught as compulsory subject in secondary schools up to university levels. It becomes one of national subject in secondary school up university. In school base competent (Depdiknas.2003) the government of Indonesia, in this case, the ministry of national education decided English as one the subjects that use four skills, listening, reading, writing, and speaking
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